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Balance your Life: Don't be a GYM Rat

Written By Amarjit Singh on Thursday, May 19, 2016 | 10:30:00 PM

Working out and eating healthy should be your lifestyle but don't mess up your life outside the Gym!!
Lot of people don't live their life properly because they are stuck in the gym all year. They don't spend quality time with friends and family. So don't be a gym rat, enjoy life outside the gym. At-least once a week or once in every 2 weeks go out and have fun with ur close friends and family😀
On the other side people who don't have time to workout and do not eat good, they need to take care of their health which is important than anything in the world!! Otherwise down the road major health problems will come in the form of Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Hormonal trouble, etc
So follow 80-20 formula!! 80% workout with eating good and 20% fun and spend quality time with your loved ones

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Truth Busted by Sukhwinder Singh: Truth about Protein powders

Its always a sad incident when someone dies especially a young athlete ... Ironical is all the hullabaloo over the death ...

All the leading news papers are misleading the masses that the death is due to Protein powder ...
There might be many other factors that could lead to the cardiac arrest BUT not the protein powder.

My appeal to all those Jackal of all is that first of all they should know why exactly a person needs protein / protein powder...

Protein powders come in various forms. The three common ones are whey, soy, and casein protein. Whey and Caesin are the milk byproducts…Whey is most commonly used, because it’s a water-soluble milk protein and it is a complete protein (Complete proteins contain all nine of the amino acids necessary for human dietary needs.)

All Though most athletes prefer other sources of lean protein like meat, fish, eggs, chicken , dairy products but in very specific circumstances, protein powders can be useful. Being the easy and convenient source of complete, high-quality protein it is being consumed.

What are the uses of Protein? Some of them are mentioned here under -:

For a teenager – A teenager needs more protein because at growing age more protein is required for the cells to grow.
For an athlete – Any athlete who is trying to build muscle mass, trying to gain strength, trying to get more speed, trying to get more agility requires protein (In any form)

Apart from these there are several functions in which protein intake plays a major role.For example muscle repair and growth, for bone mass, for hair growth, for nails / teeth, secretion of certain hormones and enzymes. I mean protein is an integral part in our diet , not to be missed if you want to live a healthy life.

My advice is Eat clean , Train smart ..Use your brain , don't just imitate the stuff which you get from internet. All is not worthy. HAVE PATIENCE AND MOST IMPORTANT-- FAITH IN YOUR COACH...Don't take risks , they are not worth.
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Portfolio: The Physique Gym

Written By Amarjit Singh on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 | 2:27:00 AM

Portfolio: The Physique Gym

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Customize Workout and Nutrition Plan

Get Ready To Transform Your Body
  • Are you struggling with OVERWEIGHT, UNDERWEIGHT or extra BODY FAT  and looking to get fit?
  • Are you getting MARRIED and want to reduce the extra weight?
  • Are you getting ready for your ANNIVERSARY?
  • Are you getting ready for the FAMILY FUNCTION and want to look the best?
  • Are you getting ready for the PHOTO SHOOT?
  • Are you going to compete for a FITNESS MODEL or BODYBUILDING show and want to get ripped physique? 
  • Are you lean but still struggling to get 6 PACK abs?
  • Do you want to look the best for the upcoming modeling CONTEST?
  • Do you want a Fitness MODEL Physique?
  • Are you a sportsman/athlete looking for a specialized 'Strength & Conditioning' ​training for an upcoming EVENT/COMPETITION?
  • Are you going to participate or attending interview on the TV SHOW?
  • Are you suffering from MEDICAL CONDITIONS like; Diabetes, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Liver Problem, Thyroid Problem, etc.

You’ll get a brand new workout program designed to produce serious fitness results. Everything is covered for you – sets, reps, rest periods, exercises and descriptions. I will customize your workouts to your fitness level, goals and time schedule.

In order to maximize the fat loss or muscle building goal you need to feed your body the proper nutrients. So I’m going to provide you INDIAN meal-by-meal eating plans with the exact foods to eat in the right amounts – all plotted and mapped out specifically for your body type and your fitness goals.

If you have medical conditions like Diabetes, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Fatty Liver, Thyroid, etc I will provide you a complete INDIAN nutrition plan based on the medical condition where you can get rid of the medicines by just following my nutrition fitness plan..Guaranteed!!
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Portfolio: With Yoyohunny Singh at The Physique Gym

It's a good start and there's still a long way to go. This trophy is not the end, it's the beginning. We want more trophies.

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